4GRD (4 Global Relations & Development)



4GRD is an consulting office for city's development with diversity of various projects and activities all over continental playgrounds. The four members of the office comes from different background and culture. That’s the “Four” stands for in GRD.

Public and private economic development organizations are experiencing more and more competitive challenges to job attraction, retention and creation. One of our main mission is stimulating the lack of real estate market.

We work with developers, property owners, bussiness and plubic agencies to establish the real estate market.  These investments program divided in offices design residential projects, offices, industrial buildings, sports facilities, universities, hospitals, interiors, schools, infrastructure and urban plans. Development Strategies keeps abreast of changing trends. We anticipate the effects of economic, market, social and govermental changes on real estate investment ideas and decisions. 






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Headquaters 4GRD
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The Hague
The Netherlands
M: info@4GRD.com
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